Top cross trainer shoes for men

The diverse sports and recreation activities us men engaged in are limitless. And no one wants to wear a different shoe each time you choose any of them. That is when a cross training shoes are perfect for you!

Why cross training shoes?

Not all shoes are created equal. Nothing else gives the versatility of a perfect pair of cross-training shoes. If you enjoy mixing up your routines, you know you got to have one!

The next question comes to mind – how to pick the best cross training shoes for you?

How to choose the best cross training shoes?

Never choose cross-training shoes because of its appearance or because its cheap. These factors may be an added reason to buy the shoes but it should not be a priority. Do not sacrifice your comfort and limit your movement with unfit cross-training shoes!

The following are the factors to consider in choosing the right cross training shoes for you.

1. Know your arch

If you have not realized yet, our feet have a different type of arches. Don’t you get confused though, there is an easy way of determining your arch type. 


If your middle shoes wear out first, you have a normal ache. If its the inside of your shoes that seems to wear out quicker, you have a flat arch. You have a high or wide arch then your shoes tend to deteriorate first from the outside.

2. Match your shoes with your arch

Normal arch feet need more stability. Look for that added cushions inside the shoe. This will give the extra protection your feet needs.

A flat arch feet needs shoes that are controlled by movement. The extra cushion and protection to look for must be inside of the cleat.

A high or wide arch can work with cross trainers shoes intended for both normal and flat arch feet. However, it is recommended to look for a shole that has added midsole cushioning.

3. Soles

The soles of the shoes are the main source of cushioning. It is your shock absorber. Choose one that is thick and wide to make sure the shoe lasts. It also helps you with side to side movements.

4. Different brands, different sizes

Never buy a shoe online. All of them look good in pictures. Besides, the sizes may differ from what you are usually accustomed to your feet.

You must try to wear them and feel which one is the most comfortable. It is best to try their fit once you have been active with your feet. This assures that your feet had already expanded.

Exactly what happens with your feet during training. Remember to wear the same types of socks you will use while training when fitting. These should ensure a perfect fit!

Additional Tips


Do not settle for cross-training shoes that are “almost comfortable.” Don’t expect for the fit to get better and better as you use it. Remember that your cross-training shoes should provide the comfort and stability from day one.