Top 3 Memory Foam Mattresses for Yogi Reviewed


Are you planning to buy memory foam mattress? Basically, choosing the best memory foam mattress can be quite difficult since there are thousands of brands existing in the market. So, for selecting the best mattress you need to consider various factors like thickness, IFD rating, gel formation and so on.

It’s really important to spend money on the right product rather than investing it on a cheap quality product. Luckily, our memory foam mattress reviews will help you to buy suitable mattress from variety of products.

What is a Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory foam mattresses are designed with the help of substance called viscoelastic and it’s highly soft and absorbent. Additionally, these mattresses evenly distribute your body weight and returns to its original shape once you remove or eliminate the pressure from it.

Overall, it offers you a complete comfort and come in variety of densities and depths for helping you out. It’s designed with three layers namely, comfort layer, support layer and the base layer. These mattresses reduce the stress on joints.

Top 3 Memory Foam Mattresses

Based on the reviews gained, below is the list of top memory foam mattresses based on their value, budget and comfort.

1- LUCID Plush 14

lucid plush mattress
If you want to buy a worthy product then probably LUCID Plush 14 is one of the best choices. It’s designed with the help of 1 inch layer of bamboo charcoal at the surface and bamboo charcoal is ideal for sensitive skin and will improve thermal regulation.

Below the top layer, lies the 3 inch ventilated, gel infused memory foam layer. This layer increases breathability and temperature and it’s useful of having more comfortable sleep during cool climate. Finally, below the comfort layer, lies 10 inch high density base layer for providing fabulous support.

Overall, the top memory foam layer offer natural curves during the night and adds plushness to the surface of the mattress. It’s designed with the help of open cell technology and possesses soft and breathable cover.

2- Eve Mattress

eve memory foam mattress
Eve mattresses are regarded as the most comfortable mattress in the world. If you own an eve mattress then you can enjoy your sleeping with more comfort. The combo of comfort layer and high resilience base layer offers you a superb feel. The beautiful eve mattresses are crafted with three foam layers for comfort, cooling, support and pressure relief.

These mattresses can adapt to your body weight and sleeping style easily. Overall, eve mattress is regarded as the best choice at an affordable price in the market.

3 – Amerisleep Mattress

Amerisleep memory foam mattress
Amerisleep is one of the best online memory foam mattresses and it’s quite simple and comfortable to use. It’s capable of accommodating sleepers with different set of preferences. They are considered as one of the top pick in the market since it possesses many exciting advantages and features.

Additionally, it can be owned at an affordable price with superb features like foam, celliant and so on. These features are ideal for athletes and also for inducing cooling effect.


Overall, if you are planning to buy best memory foam mattresses, you can refer to the above reviews for buying a quality product. Definitely, the above 3 are worthy products and will offer you with cent percent satisfaction.