3 ways Yoga helps improve posture

good vs bad posture

So many people possess a bad posture and naturally tend to slouch instead of standing straight, tall and strong. Now, while it may feel more comfortable for the vast majority of you to just relax your spine and shoulders and hunch over, in the long run it will dramatically affect your muscles and spine. Although this is the case, it may take many years to actually start experiencing negative effects as a result of your bad posture, unless you attempt to partake in something that requires a perfect stance and some degree of flexibility…such as yoga!

Yoga can be incredibly beneficial to your health and well-being, mainly because it helps to relax your muscles and makes you feel good, straighten your spine which subsequently gives you a great posture and help with your breathing, which in turn can support positive mental health.

However, in order to reap the benefits of yoga, you have to attempt the various yoga poses and if you’re positive is bad, it may be extremely difficult to begin with. So, to help you at the start, it may be worth seeking out some decent posture brace options. Nevertheless, if you commit to yoga, you’ll soon seen improvements in your posture and your quality of life, and below are 3 ways it can do that…

  1. Tree Pose

 This particular one is great for correcting your bad posture because it forces you to stand tall and straight to remain balanced throughout the pose. To perform this pose it is relatively straightforward, providing you make sure you lengthen your spine fully and stand with a perfect posture; with your left foot grounded, retract your shoulder blades and bring your chest out, then slowly bring your right foot up so that the sole fits nicely into your left inner thigh. Next, bring your hands together and if your shoulders are aligned with your hips, you’ll be able to remain in that pose whilst staying balanced.

tree post upward posture

  1. Downward-Facing Dog Pose

 When it comes to feeling comfortable enough in a correct posture to maintain it so that it comes naturally; strong, flexible and healthy muscles are key to supporting your spine, legs, hips and shoulders. So, this pose significantly aids the transition from bad posture to good posture, as it helps you to achieve those things. With your hands pressed into the floor, bring your hips up towards the sky so that your legs are stretched out, elongate your spine and then bring your heels down so your feet are flat on the ground; this pose should resemble an upwards pointing arrow.

downward dog versus bad posture

  1. Cobra Pose

Once again, your back is a tremendously important aspect of a great posture, and this pose will strengthen your back muscles and straighten your spine. To get into this pose correctly, lie on face down on your stomach, and then with your hands on the floor you’ll want to lift your upper body towards the ceiling. Once you have done this, retract your shoulder blades and breathe deeply; after five breaths, relax, and then repeat.

cobra will make you back strong and improve posture

cobra will make you back strong and improve posture