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Top 3 Memory Foam Mattresses for Yogi Reviewed

Are you planning to buy memory foam mattress? Basically, choosing the best memory foam mattress can be quite difficult since there are thousands of brands existing in the market. So, for selecting the best mattress you need to consider various factors like thickness, IFD rating, gel formation and so on. It’s really important to spend […]

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good vs bad posture

3 ways Yoga helps improve posture

So many people possess a bad posture and naturally tend to slouch instead of standing straight, tall and strong. Now, while it may feel more comfortable for the vast majority of you to just relax your spine and shoulders and hunch over, in the long run it will dramatically affect your muscles and spine. Although […]

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a lot of coffee yo

The Best Ways To Use Drip Coffee Makers 

Drip coffee makers are used all over the world. This has been the way to make coffee for many years now. While most everybody knows how these appliances work, there are some tips that help to make the coffee you brew the best. Always choose the freshest coffee for a coffee maker. Grinding your own […]

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Few Notes About Paleo Diet

Paleo diet is also referred to as the Paleolithic diet and it has become an incredibly popular form of dieting for individuals throughout the world. Considering that there are many people constantly looking for new and improved dieting options to get the body that they desire, taking advantage of Paleo meals can be beneficial to […]

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Enneagram system

The enneagram describes nine basic types of people and their corresponding styles of thinking, feeling, acting and relating. It explains why each of us behaves in a certain way and provides specific recommendations for our personal growth. The enneagram system achieves this by enabling us to recognize our motivations, compulsions, patterns of behavior, and our […]

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When the word “yoga” is mentioned, most people think of physical poses for limbering the body and focused breathing to relax the mind. These aspects are only a small part of what yoga involves. Traditionally, the term yoga refers to Raja Yoga, or the mental science of the mind. It includes Eight Limbs, which are […]

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