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Yoga And Nutrition – A Healthier Body & Mind

A sound mind in a sound body. You probably know the saying already and it couldn’t be more accurate. If you think about it, you deal with stress every day; even in your daily routines. It seems that you’re always looking at the time because you’re always running late for something. So, you first need […]

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Enneagram system

The enneagram describes nine basic types of people and their corresponding styles of thinking, feeling, acting and relating. It explains why each of us behaves in a certain way and provides specific recommendations for our personal growth. The enneagram system achieves this by enabling us to recognize our motivations, compulsions, patterns of behavior, and our […]

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When the word “yoga” is mentioned, most people think of physical poses for limbering the body and focused breathing to relax the mind. These aspects are only a small part of what yoga involves. Traditionally, the term yoga refers to Raja Yoga, or the mental science of the mind. It includes Eight Limbs, which are […]

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